Wholesale organic essential oils. With essential or essential oils you bring the scents of nature into your home! Take an imaginative walk through the forest and catch the fresh scents of cedar, mandarin or peppermint. Or do you prefer the sensual scents of roses or lavender? All these wonderful scents in your living room.

Wholesale organic essential oils

Yaviva is a distributor and wholesaler of the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils of balm Balm. Natural organic of organic quality. View the full range of Balm Balm essential oils here.

What are Organic Essential Oils?

Essential oil is pure oil that is extracted from plants, flowers and trees by steam distillation, so these oils are VEGAN. Just about anything can be used (provided it carries a scent): seeds, bark, roots, and flowers. These oils are pure nature; the rose you smell really comes from a rose. This in contrast to most perfume oils.

Wholesale organic essential oils
Wholesale organic essential oils

How do you use our organic essential oil?

Essential oil is much more than the scent. These special oils can positively influence our moods, emotions and mental resilience. For example, the invigorating scent of citrus can help you with a “fresh” start to the day and lavender can help you fall asleep. There are several ways to experience these organic essential oils …

Below the different ways are listed.

1. Mix essential oil with massage oil

A massage oil enriched with an essential oil can make the massage much more effective. Think about the purpose of the massage before deciding which scent to mix. For example, peppermint can help with stiff muscles. You use 10 to 15 drops of essential oil per 100ml of massage oil.

2. Mix essential oil with skin care

Make your own skincare! The basis is your own favorite (organic) skin care and then you mix it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Note that essential oil must always be diluted, so never use pure on the skin. And it is important to realize that these oils offer a lot of benefits, but it is also an ingredient (like all ingredients) that you can be sensitive to.

3. Use essential oil as a perfume.

If you are (over) sensitive to synthetic perfume, you can use organic essential or essential oils as a natural alternative. Mix a few drops of your favorite fragrance with your skin oil and / or body lotion and voila!

4. A few drops of organic essential or essential oil in the bath

A relaxing bath with a wonderful natural aroma…. How does that sound? Super easy to achieve by adding a few drops of your favorite fragrance to your bath. Nice!

5. Inhale the essential oil

If you want to influence your mood through these organic essential oils, you can choose to inhale it pure (smell). Note that these oils are very strong and concentrated. This way you can enjoy the delicious / effective scent everywhere. For example, always take a bottle of fragrance of your choice with you in your bag.

6. Vaporize essential oils.

Catch a cold? Use a few drops (eg eucalyptus) in a bowl of whole water and use it for steaming. The scent helps you breathe much more freely.

7. Burn organic essential oils

Fill your aroma burner with a layer of water mixed with a few drops of essential oil and place a tea light under it. Note that the water evaporates so top it up on time 🙂

8. Evaporate essential oil in a diffuser

A diffuser spreads a mist with a subtly present yet soft aroma. At the same time, such a diffuser also humidifies the room. Foul smells disappear like snow in the sun, the air becomes purer and your room fills with a wonderful aroma.

Wholesale organic essential oil

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Wholesale organic essential oils
Wholesale organic essential oils
Wholesale organic essential oils