Of course you are looking for a wholesaler that is flexible. You are looking for a wholesaler who works with you on your concept, who has products that specifically strengthen your salon. Look no further – you have found the wholesaler because we are highly flexible…

  • Register here – and of course without obligation
  • Over 25 brands and 1500 products in stock.
  • Three ECO makeup brands, skincare, children’s care, oral care, haircare etc…
  • You order quickly, easily and clearly in the webshop. Click here.
  • All our products are 100% natural – Yaviva approved
  • All products are free of animal testing
  • We have many VEGAN products
  • All the ingredients are listed for the products
  • Everything can be ordered per piece
  • You are not required to purchase starter packages
  • You don’t have to buy whole lines
  • No mandatory minimum turnover per year
  • After logging in, you have immediate access to prices and stocks
  • Ordered before noon, shipped the same day
  • You can combine all our products and brands in one order

In short, Yaviva is the premier wholesaler for beauty salons. Help us make the world a little more beautiful, help yourself by putting a good concept in place, and help your customer by offering better and cleaner products. We think this is the best win-win-win.

See you soon at Yaviva!

Groothandel voor schoonheidssalons

Natural and organic cosmetics with the right story increase your turnover

As a wholesaler of natural cosmetics with over 25 brands and 1500 products in our range, it is no surprise that more and more salons are finding their way to our door. Whether you want to switch completely to organic care products or perhaps add something ‘green’ to your lines, we have the right products with the right stories for you.

Every salon professional is actually a storyteller. You explain what you do; you tell a bit about the background of the product brands. The more beautiful the story, the better such a conversation goes. The stories of our brands are all very unique and have been selected specifically to help you strengthen your concept. Because the more beautiful your story and your concept, the better the experience of your customer. And this simple fact in turn results in higher turnover.

How does our story become your story?

  1. You can read the stories on the various brand pages on this website. But the brands themselves also have websites (often in English) where you can learn a great deal. There is a lot of information available, so take your time.
  2. Furthermore, we have a beautiful showroom where you can feel, smell and taste the products. Here, we will look with you for the best combination of products for your concept. The showroom is open for visitation by appointment for anyone who is registered as a customer. Together, we will determine the best assortment, and you will immediately get to hear the stories.
  3. Do you not have time to stop by? Or is the distance too great? We don’t have a minimum order value, so you can always place a small order. Then you can try everything at your convenience.
  4. And we have the ‘telephone stories service’. You are already registered as a customer and may log in. But it’s easy to become overwhelmed due to the many (1500+) products. Then we make a phone appointment during which we’re both sitting at our computers. Based on your concept, we determine together which products will make your story even stronger. Of course, you will get an immediate explanation of these products. You can even add the products directly to your shopping cart to make sure you are selecting the right products with the right stories.

Wholesale for beauty salons

In short, Yaviva is the premier wholesaler for beauty salons. We have done everything we can to make your work simple, clear and green. Are you not yet a customer? You can register here. Would you prefer a phone call? 0031 343-755287. See you soon at Yaviva, wholesaler for beauty salons.