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Wholesale natural cosmetics, make-up and skin care

Our # 1 priority is to offer a collection of products and brands so that you can meet every demand from the market. The largest range of eco make-up? Edible cosmetics? Organic certified skin care? Budget brands? Brands that can compete with the top of the regular cosmetics? Knowledgeable people? Yep. And all under one roof: Yaviva … the wholesaler of natural cosmetics.

Today’s consumer is becoming increasingly critical. In recent years, many brands and ingredients have been the subject of discussion in high-profile studies that sometimes showed quite shocking results. In addition to being more critical, the consumer is also becoming increasingly aware, greener and more social.

Move with the market with Yaviva. Doing well and being commercially successful go together very well nowadays … So Yaviva is the wholesaler of natural cosmetics!

Professional brands

distributor LOOkX Cosmetics
distributor Janssen Cosmetic

Uoga Uoga mineral make-up

Handmade, fresh makeup based on minerals and fruit pigments

Features: the ‘cleanest’ makeup, very high percentage of amber = healing for the skin, fruit pigments

Surya Brazil hair dye

Surya Brasil 100% natural hair dye with the best grey coverage.

Features: no ammonia, PPD, parabens, peroxide, silicones, butylhydroxytoluene and no formaldehyde.

Benecos natuurlijke make-up

The most affordable organic certified makeup brand in Europe!

Features: very affordable, organic certified, extensive range

Joik Organic huidverzorging

The most extensive organic certified skin care brand in Europe!

Features: affordable luxury, organic certified, extensive range

This Works

The British brand This Work is world famous because of their ‘sleep & anti stress solutions’. For example relaxing pillow sprays, calming candles and lovely hand/body products.

Yogh Soap zero waste, zero water cosmetics with fresh Yogurt

A beautiful extensive line of zero waste zero water cosmetics with fresh yogurt

Features: Maximum of 10 ingredients. Zero waste, zero water, zero plastic and fresh yogurt is very good for skin and hair

Wholesale natural cosmetics, make-up and skin care

Make your retail concept green!

Yaviva represents about 30+ brands that jointly produce about 1200 products. All products with a beautiful story, a special appearance and the right price. We have a comparable organic / natural variant for just about every regular product.

Of course we have biologically certified skin care, but also skin improvement. We have 100% natural make-up (no less than three brands!) And three brands of natural nail polish. We have oral care and care for your hands, feet and your entire body, and much more. In fact, we often have several brands / products within one category. Because there is no one brand that best suits all concepts.

Do you want to know which brands suit your concept best, or which brands reinforce your concept? Then feel free to contact us. You can send an email to info@yaviva.nl all day long or call us on working days between 8:30 and 11:00 AM: +31 (0) 343-755287. If you are behind a PC, we will do the same so that we can click through the brands together.

Wholesale natural cosmetics: Yaviva!

  • Wholesale natural cosmetics

  • Wholesale natural body care

  • Wholesale natural hair care

  • Wholesale natural skin care

  • Wholesale natural make up

  • Wholesale natural oral care

  • Available: info@yaviva.nl

  • Available: 0343-755287 (on working days from 8:30 to 11:00 AM)

  • Much knowledge of the market

  • Collaborate with e.g. competitions etc.

  • Mail: > €200 free delivered

  • Nice Mooie marges

  • All top brands under 1 roof

  • No mandatory purchase of entire lines, no minimum order value, no mandatory annual turnover … everything can be ordered individually.