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Wholesale natural skincare… ‘Is this product natural? ’ We bet you get this question from your customers on a regular basis. That makes sense, because natural skin care is very hip. More and more people want cosmetics that are really safe, really natural. But what is really natural? And where do you find natural skin care?

What is natural skin care?

Unfortunately, the term ‘natural’ is a bit vague. The term is not protected, which in fact means that any manufacturer who adds a natural ingredient can call its product natural. Very deceptive, we think. As a wholesaler of natural skin care, we consider honesty and transparency to be especially important. In our opinion, a product is natural if it contains only natural and organic ingredients. The composition is therefore completely free of chemical additives, such as synthetic fragrances and dyes, PEG numbers, silicones and parabens. Just purely natural, as nature intended.

Why choose a natural skin care wholesaler?

Natural skin care is a trend. People consciously opt for safe, for good, for ’poison-free’. More and more additives that are used in regular skin care are being questioned. It is not only a fact that they irritate the skin, they are also often associated with illnesses. In addition, chemical additives in skin care also have a negative impact on the environment. Examples include plastic particles in scrubs and toothpaste that all end up in the sea and have terrible consequences for animals there. Or chemical additives in sun lotion that destroy the coral reef. Yaviva chooses solely products that you do not have to question.

Groothandel natuurlijke huidverzorging

What does the consumer expect from natural skin care?

The consumer is critical. Consumers want to know exactly what is and is not in the product and preferably also where all those ingredients come from. Is extraction of ingredients done with respect for the environment? Are the products free of animal testing? Do farmers and growers who supply the ingredients get a fair price? Is this product really safe for my skin and my health and that of my family?

Yaviva is the wholesaler of natural skin care

We can answer all the above questions with a firm ‘YES’. We can help you to make your range partially or even completely natural so that you can also answer these questions from your customers with a firm ‘YES’. All our products are enriched with natural and organic ingredients and are free of any form of chemical additives. Finally, we guarantee fair treatment of people, animals and the environment in every step of the production process of the products we sell.

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