Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics – the queen in ‘Zero Waste Solid Cosmetics’. 0% waste, 0% water, 100% natural and organic certified.

Groothandel Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics

Rosenrot Solid Cosmetics – Pioneer in solid natural cosmetics

Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics – The Rosenrot factory is located in Eutin, a German town near Hamburg. And when you enter the hall, the first thing you notice is the wonderful smells! Sometimes it smells delicately floral, sometimes it smells like fruit; mandarin or lemony and sometimes the top notes are fine almonds or walnuts and sometimes to the warmer scents such as vanilla and coconut.

Looking over the shelves in the production area and in the warehouse, the beautiful shapes and pastel shades of our solid natural cosmetics stand out, this is how cosmetics should be. And if you walk further, towards the logistics department, where everything is carefully packed, you will notice the beautifully designed packaging. It’s all like little presents…

distributeur groothandel shampoo bars en solid cosmetics Rosenrot
distributeur groothandel natuurlijke en biologische shampoo bars

Rosenrot: enjoying, giving and experiencing – without waste

One thing soon becomes clear: Rosenrot stands for enjoying products, both visually and during use. But also for sharing, giving presents and experiencing. And all this with great attention to sustainability! In fact, that durability is the reason why Rosenrot was founded. The basic idea was to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging in the bathrooms. Plastic seems to be the norm for shower gels, shampoos and other natural(!) cosmetic products. And all that use of plastic is not good for our health and certainly not good for the health of our planet … because everyone knows: ‘plastic soup is dirty!’

Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics

Since there was no established “zero waste” natural cosmetics on the market, company founder Karin Ziesmer had her most significant experience in the form of an action cam video – shot on the front of her son’s surfboard. The images were shocking! The large amount of plastic waste on the coast became visible and when she saw all the plastic packaging in her own bathroom, she was shocked. The idea behind Rosenrot was born right there in the bathroom. Karin developed her own recipes until the company was ready to be founded in 2015. After that, everything started to roll – especially when the first zero-waste stores opened in Germany. They enthusiastically took on Rosenrot’s natural cosmetics innovations and incorporated them into their zero-waste range.

Rosenrot Organic Certified Cosmetics

Rosenrot now employs over 30 people and offers a full range of head to toe personal care products including solid shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body butter, bath milk. The products are certified by ECOCERT according to the highest standards of COSMOS NATURAL or COSMOS ORGANIC. As a German company, as much attention as possible is paid to the regional origin of the ingredients, such as rosehip seed oil and the Rügen medicinal chalk in the bath milk. In addition, special attention is paid to the environmentally friendly shipping material and the CO² compensation of the transport, because the sustainability concept does not stop at the product, but extends to all levels of the company.

Rosenrot is handmade solid / solid cosmetics

Rosenrot remains faithful to the idea of ​​hand made cosmetics, only in this way can Rosenrot guarantee quality. Rosenrot rightly is the queen of solid cosmetics companies. The handicraft allows us to create unique products in much higher quality and thus significantly better results in the nourishing properties of the products. The test is to try it yourself, we are 100% convinced that you will be amazed by the quality, effect and fragrance experience.

Rosenrot stands for certified solid natural cosmetics, top quality handicrafts and an origin in Northern Germany. Currently, Rosenrot is a driving force behind the zero-waste movement across Europe. And Yaviva as a wholesaler Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics are of course fully behind this!

Distributeur groothandel zero waste cosmetics zero water
Groothandel zero waste cosmetica

Step by step towards zero waste cosmetics; responsible and sustainable packaging

We must put an end to this plastic madness! Again, our philosophy is always to lead by example.’

Packaging reduced

  • Soaps and ‘bits’ can be sold packaging-free
  • Products sold are either packaged in eco-friendly cellophane (100% organic and compostable), recycled cardboard boxes or glass jars
  • Our bitbox is an aluminum can. This is lightweight and very durable. Aluminum can be recycled very well. Recycling aluminum conserves natural resources and saves up to 95% of the energy normally required to produce metal.
  • Made 100% compostable and recycled
  • We use packaging made from different types of vegetable starch (not maize) that are no longer used in food production (100% biodegradable, according to EN 13432)
  • Our packaging paper is painted with water-based paint
  • Cardboard boxes are reused where possible and are made from renewable raw materials and fully recycled
  • Plastic-free (Duhhh 🙂 Rosenrot strictly ensures that all products are always 100% plastic-free
  • But we go even further: we also avoid plastic where possible when packing and repacking in our own shipping department

Respect for people, animals and earth

  • We attune our raw material selection to the standards of the Ecocert and/or Cosmos organic quality mark.
  • All oils, vegetable hydrolates, vegetable milk, food additives and herbs, glycerine, ethyl alcohol and inulin come from controlled organic cultivation (Ecocert/BDIH/Cosmos).
  • All essential oils come mainly from controlled organic cultivation (Ecocert/BDIH/Cosmos or 100% natural). All other raw materials (eg clay, salt, etc…) are of natural origin.
  • We produce all our plant extracts in fine organic quality in our factory, also according to our own recipe. So we know what’s in the extracts – pure plant power, nothing else. This can also be felt in our products
  • Our natural fragrances are sensitive and caress the soul. They are almost all made exclusively by us and are incorporated in our beauty products.
  • We rely on the effects of nature and consciously avoid kerosenes, parabens, silicones or synthetic preservatives and dyes.
  • In all our internal production and shipping processes we always pay attention to sustainable actions (e.g. procurement of local raw materials to avoid unnecessary transport, high process efficiency to avoid high energy consumption)

Yaviva, as wholesaler Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics, stands behind this 100%. If you want to know more about Zero waste cosmetics from Rosenrot (or about any other of the 25+ brands we distribute), please contact us: 0343-755287 or info@yaviva.nl

Groothandel zero waste cosmetica
Distributeur groothandel zero waste cosmetics zero water

Less CO2

  • We use sustainable electricity.
  • Our invoices/correspondence are printed on recycled paper. (We prefer to send them by email)
  • All orders are shipped with DHL CO2-neutral (GoGreen).

Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics

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  • Would you like to feel, smell and experience the products of Rosenrot natural cosmetics? Then make an appointment to view our showroom.

Some of the products of Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetica

Groothandel Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetica
Groothandel Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetica
Groothandel Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetica
Groothandel Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetica
Groothandel Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetica
Vaste conditioner groothandel
Wholesale Zero waste cosmetics
Wholesale Zero waste cosmetics
Wholesale Zero plastic cosmetics
Wholesale Zero plastic cosmetics
Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics
Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics
Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics
Wholesale Rosenrot zero waste solid cosmetics
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