Wholesale beauty. But not just any beauty… Yaviva is the wholesaler in natural and organic beauty. Yaviva has 29 brands, over 1500 products. Everything is natural, every brand has a beautiful story and every product has a special appearance.

Wholesale beauty salons – GREEN your salon

Many salons preceded you. When will you take a “greener road”? The demand for natural and organic cosmetics is growing. In fact, it is growing at double digits per year while the cosmetics industry as a whole is shrinking a bit every year. That is good news if you are considering ‘greening’. We can help you to make your salon more natural step by step. Feel free to contact us to see by telephone which steps you can best take to be ready for the future: 0031 343-755287 (between 10:00 and 16:00)

Yaviva, the wholesale beauty.

We notice that green is now HIP, colorful and very effective.
Of course we do not propose to just throw your current brand (s) overboard. That would be unwise. What we do propose is that you can carry a line, or a number of brands or a number of products, next to your current products and simply test the market in that way, without much risk.

Green your concept with 1 product or with multiple brands. But take the first step 🙂

Wholesale beauty
Wholesale beauty

Create an account …

There are a number of product categories that are very (proven) suitable to sell next to your current brand. Deodorant (for example, from We Love the Planet), sunscreen (Alphanova SUN and Santaverde), and makeup (Boho, Benecos, and Uoga Uoga) are great brands to start with. You can of course also start with an organic care line next to your current line (for example Santaverde or Oliv Bio).

In short – we have a lot to do to take those first steps.

Then step 1 is to create an account so that you have access to prices, stocks, etc. You can create an account here without obligation: https://shop.yaviva.nl/account/register/

After manual approval you have access to our modern webshop, prices, and additional info.

Oh and did we mention that if you order today before 11:00 we will ship the same day? We are fast, good, and unbelievably fun 🙂 Try it for yourself.

Our rules and our showroom

With us you are never obliged to purchase an entire line or to maintain a minimum order value. The only two rules we have are:

Online ordering and payment
For customers outside of the Netherlands and belgium we charge a shipping fee. This is a very reasonable fee per order. In EU between 8 and 25 euro’s depending on your country. You always can find your shipping cost in your account, we have no hidden cost.

We have a beautiful showroom. (click here)

After making an appointment, you are most welcome here and we take the time for you. We discuss your concept and which products and brands are best suited. The great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to choose brand X or brand Y. With us you can combine brands so that you can achieve the best results with your customers.

Telephone appointment with the wholesale beauty (ECO Beauty)

If you have to come from far, it is also possible that we first make an appointment by telephone (usually takes half an hour to an hour) so that together behind the PC we briefly discuss the different brands / lines and determine together which brands can strengthen your concept … interested ? 0031 343-755287.

We’ll talk to you soon!

Wholesale beauty

Wholesale beauty
Wholesale beauty

De stijlvolle display van Uoga Uoga